Fish First has earned its reputation as a salmon run restoration land  stewardship organization.  By using information gathered from landowners, long time fishermen, agency assesments, together with historical data, old photographs and our own monitoring and studies, deficiencies in esential habitats were identified and projects developed to correct those deficiencies. Fish First has restored habitat by returning pools and riffles to the stream, replacing spawning gravel, installing woody debris, planting riparian zones, and adding fencing for animal control.  Our current stream team inludes Hydrologist Richard Dyrland, Project Manager Robert Corbett, and riparian zone specialist Angela Kroon.


Our Projects

West Daybreak Phase 1. 


The objective for this project is to provide essential and critical summer rearing habitat for juvenile fish, and also connective habitat for spawners.  The side channel created receives cool groundwater flow.  It provides covered pools for rearing and refuge from predators, and lower velocity refuge during floods.  It will also deliver cool water into Phase 2 treatments directly downstream as they are built.  The water temperature difference between the side channel and the adjoining main stem has been measured at as much as 15 degrees cooler.  This is vital for survival of juveniles in the hot, low flow summer months.

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