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Fish First Auction's Gary's fishing "pole"

   The night before the auction, I was over at Gary's and he said, "You gotta hear this letter a little girl wrote me. I need to figure out what I can do for her" He then read the letter and immediately I knew what we could do! Gary called the family on the spot, invited them to the Fish First 20th Anniversary BBQ that was taking place the next night and they were able to make it! 

   The next evening rolls around, the event has started and the place is roudy with everyone excited to see old friends they haven't seen in years. The time had arrived for me to put forth the plan that Gary and I had concocted. With microphone in one hand and a nine year old girl's hand in the other, I made my way to the front and I immediately had the attention of the Fish First membership.  I introduced Inara, a sweet little girl that came across at first as quiet and shy, but, if you looked closely, you would have seen a delighted sparkle in her eyes. I  began to read her letter and everyone went silent. Soon after, that "pole" went on the live auction and sold for almost $600.00 Fish First wrote a check to Inara for the total amount.  There was also a private donation in cash given to her of $200 more dollars that evening. 



** To all you passionate fishermen out there, watch out! Inara went on  a couple of days later to catch the second largest fish at another fishing derby.  

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